Welder Prolongations

BSEN287 Part-1 (2004)

Fabrication companies that can submit past butt weld radiographic or ultrasonic records in relation to project welding can easily comply with the requirements for prolongation and at minimal cost.
Fabricators who's welding is primarily fillet techniques are unable to provide
volumetric radiographic or ultrasonic test records,
often find the certifying body insisting on costly re-certification.

Ultrarad can offer a simple and cost affective solution complying with the requirements of BS EN 287: 2004 prolongations. Why not give us a call on: 01482 891532.

PROLONGATION.     (6 monthly by the employer)

Prolongation of the welding operator approval is generally in accordance with the requirements of EN 287. The welding operator's approval remains valid for two years providing the employer/welding coordinator confirms that there has been a reasonable continuity of welding work (period of interruption no longer than six months) and there is no reason to question the welding operator's knowledge.

The validity of approval may be prolonged for further periods of two years by the examiner / examining body providing there is proof of production welds of the required quality, and appropriate test records maintained with the operator's certificate.


PROLONGATION.   (By the certifying body)

Requirements at the end of two years in accordance with BSEN287: 2004. Clause 9.2 & 9.3

9.3,  Prolongation of Qualification.

Welder’s qualification test certificates according to this 2004 edition can be prolonged every two years by an examiner/examining body. Before prolongation of the certification takes place, 9.2 needs to be satisfied and also all the mentioned conditions need to be confirmed.

This clause defines the requirements for prolongation more clearly than the 1992 edition. This especially applies to sub-clause b, which defines the required evidence for butt welds (facture or bend test). This evidence should be made on two welds during the previous six months prior to prolongation of the certifying body.

9.3,  Sub-clause a, b, c & d

a).   All records and evidence used to support prolongation are traceable to the welder and identifies the WPS's that have
       been used in production.

b).   Evidence used to support prolongation shall be of volumetric nature (radiographic testing or
       ultrasonic testing) or for destructive testing (fracture or bends) made on two welds during the
       previous six months. Evidence relating to prolongation needs to be retained for a minimum of
       2 years.

c).   The welds shall satisfy the acceptance levels for imperfections as specified in clause 7.

d).   The test results mentioned in 9.3 b) shall demonstrate that the welder has reproduced the original test conditions,
       except for thickness and outside pipe diameter.

Table D.1 - Variables to be confirmed and traceable for prolongation

In order to prolong a welder's qualification test certificate, it should be confirmed that the welder has done welding representative
of the original qualification test with regards to the variables given in Table D.1.

To be confirmed
 Welding Process (es) x
 Product type (pipe, plate, branch x
 Type of weld x
 Material group x
 Welding consumable (designation) x
 Material thickness    see note (a) x
 Outside pipe diameter   see note (b) x
 Welding position x
 Weld details x
  Note (a)   Thickness can vary providing that it is within the original range of qualification
  Note (b)   Outside pipe diameter can vary + 50% from the initial test piece











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